Within the framework of its mission of regulating electronic security activities, as spelled out in Article 7 of the 2010 Law on Cyber security and Cyber criminality;

The National Agency for Information and Communication Technologies, ANTIC, organised a public awareness raising seminar on cyber security, 07-09 October 2015, at the Buea Council Chambers.

The seminar had as objective, to enlighten the population of the South West Region on the institutional, judicial and technical aspects of cyber security as well as best practices to be adopted in the cyberspace.

The seminar was marked by the following activities:

Workshop with managers of cyber cafés.

  • Presentations and a question and answer session on cyber criminality and cyber security concerns.
  • Distribution of cyber security brochures and campaign gadgets.

Meanwhile on the last day of the seminar, Friday 09 October 2015, ANTIC undertook a caravan campaign to primary and secondary schools; during which pupils and students were drilled on basic ICT concepts, cyber security and the role played by the agency in promoting ICTs and enforcing cyber security in Cameroon. The schools concerned were:

  • Government Primary School Buea Town;
  • Government Bilingual High School Molyko Buea;
  • Government Technical High School Buea.

The campaign in schools was marked by a quiz and award of prizes to winners.

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