The National Agency for Information and Communication Agency (ANTIC) organised a two-day forum, in Douala, March 1-2, 2016 to address cyber security concerns in Cameroon's digital economy.

Holding under the theme “cyber security: protecting and driving the digital economy”, the forum convened over 200 participants drawn from all walks of life in the Littoral Region who were drilled on issues like: Internet resources and digital economy, security intelligence in the development of a digital economy, the contribution of security audits in the emergence of a digital economy.
The forum's objective was to get stakeholders in the digital economy abreast with ANTIC’s role in combating the risk of for¬gery, theft, or abuse of identification credentials in online transactions which have come to improve service delivery and the way business is done in the country in both public and private sectors.
Presiding at the launch of the forum Tuesday March 1st, Littoral Regional Governor, Samuel IVAHA DIBOUA, saluted the efforts put in place by ANTIC in securing the national cyberspace and developing Cameroon's digital economy.
Noting that every sector of life is concerned with this new economy which have emerged new and innovative sectors, like e-administration; e-commerce, e-procurement, e-education and telemedicine, the Governor said the population cannot be simple observers or passive participants on issues of the digital economy.
Meanwhile, the Director General of ANTIC, Dr. Ebot Ebot Enaw noted that the survival of Cameroon's digital economy depends on good cyber security which the Agency guarantees through its specialised organs like the Computer Incident Response Team, Public Key Infrastructure Centre, and the Department of Audit Security. He noted that cyber security is needed to help keep businesses, citizens and public services safe.
The Douala forum comes at a time when the Head of State His Excellency Paul Biya has entreated all sectors of the country to get onboard the digital economy which constitute the most convenient and profitable way of service delivery.

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